Momentum Montessori provides daily immersion of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing in the English language while building student empathy, patience, self-confidence and self-worth.  Our goal is to educate students to think globally but act locally by also teaching them about technology, physical literacy, and music.  We will develop our students understanding of the English language while also teaching them to speak Mandarin, French, and Spanish.  With a variety of student-based learning opportunities, our teachers will guide our students to enjoy the process of exploring and discovering the world around them.  This is highlighted by our experimental learning program which will take students out of the classroom and explore the best attractions the great city of Toronto has to offer.  We also invite educational programs and professionals from the community to bring their passion for education to our school.  When we have visitors, our students will take on leadership roles and act as Momentum Montessori ambassadors for our welcomed guests.