About Momentum Montessori

Momentum Montessori is a preparatory school for families who wish to give their child the best opportunity to excel in the Ontario education system. We will not only meet the expectations required for students entering the public or private sector but offer a holistic approach to advance learner comprehension and application for an evolving world. Momentum Montessori understands the importance of quality time with family and this is why we developed a program which also introduces its students to play the piano, swim, play soccer, tie shoelaces, and much more. At Momentum Montessori we believe the Montessori Method is an excellent way to introduce learners to a wonderful life of learning but we also believe in honoring the traditional teaching strategies students will encounter once they graduate. This is why we incorporate multiple learning strategies in our lessons which prepares our students for a successful school career. Momentum Montessori, The Smart Start to Success.